The City and The City

Adapted from the extraordinary, critically acclaimed novel by renowned fantasy writer China Miéville, The City and the City is a distinct and compelling thriller that will bend the mind as well as the senses. From the team behind global hit Victoria, this original new drama follows Inspector Borlú of the Extreme Crime Squad as he investigates the murder of a foreign student whose body is found on the streets of Besźel. It seems to be just another run of the mill case for the Inspector – until he discovers evidence that the dead girl had been visiting Besźel’s prosperous twin city, Ul Qoma. This shouldn’t be possible as citizens of each city are forbidden from seeing or interacting with each other and the borders are policed by the all-powerful and terrifying Breach. In an attempt to solve the case, Borlu comes to realise he has a personal connection to the crimes and must embark on an odyssey of the mind to find the truth he has always been seeking.

IND: 18:30, MALTA/THAI: 20:00, KSA/TWN: 21:00