Shoot the Messenger

Centred on the complex relationships between crime reporters and the police, this gritty thriller follows Daisy, a young reporter working at a big city newspaper. Things begin to go sideways for Daisy when she witnesses a murder she thinks is gang related, only to discover a tangled web of corruption and illicit sexual activity reaching into the corridors of corporate and political power. From the fast‐paced newsroom and the Homicide squad to the city’s criminal underbelly, Daisy finds herself drawn into an explosive cover‐up – revealing the kind of story that will destroy lives, including those of her own family. Exploring the lives, loves and personal demons of our lead characters, this atmospheric primetime thriller will take viewers to that uncomfortable place where truth resides…

Mondays starts from 1st May
IND: 19.25, MALTA: 20.55, THAI: 20.55, KSA/TWN: 21:55, UAE/MAL: 22.55