Created by BAFTA winning writer Paula Milne, HIM is a new critically acclaimed three­‐part ‘domestic horror’ that focuses on a 17 year­‐old boy known only as ‘HIM’, who is caught in limbo between childhood and adulthood. Like any teenager, he is riding a rollercoaster of confusing emotions and finds it hard to process his feelings, but ‘HIM’ has the added complication of a primal struggle to contain the terrifying secret of a supernatural power he has inherited from his grandfather. With only his aging grandmother understanding his gift, ‘HIM’ must fight his anger and frustration to take control and use his powers for good before they end in tragedy.

Tuesdays starting 21st February
IND:18.30, MALTA:19.55, THAI:20.55, KSA/TWN:21:55, UAE/MAL:22.55