The Doctor Blake Mysteries: Family Portrait

A few weeks ahead of Blake and Jean’s nuptials they’ve been invited to what promises to be Ballarat’s society wedding of the season. The night quickly turns ugly and Blake and Jean make a hasty retreat.

The next morning a prominent member of the bridal party is found dead at the Reception venue. Forbidden from working on the case, Blake is tasked by an estranged relative to investigate a seemingly innocuous missing persons case in Melbourne. It soon becomes clear that his case and the murder at the wedding are actually intertwined. Blake and Jean will have to navigate through three murders, two weddings and a funeral. And Blake will discover that the key to solving this unsolvable puzzle may lie somewhere in the past and the tortured relationship he shared with his own father…

Wednesday 7th February
IND: 18:30, MALTA: 19:00, THAI: 20:00, KSA/TWN: 21:00, UAE: 22:00