Culinary Genius USA

Gordon Ramsay is back with a dynamic culinary programme like no other – mixing a traditional cooking format with a compelling Japanese style gameshow.

Contestants can be anyone from foodies to amateur home cooks and baking enthusiasts. They will be thrown into the Culinary Genius martial arts arena to battle it out for the title of Culinary Genius and a cash prize!

Each episode will feature nine contestants competing in three dynamic battles. The challenges will be dictated by a professional chef (starting with Gordon Ramsay himself) demonstrating first how to prepare the meal. The pressure is then on the contestants. Will they be able to copy the legendary chef? Culinary Genius will bring the heat of a professional kitchen to complete amateurs – will they survive?

IND: 18:05, MALTA/THAI: 19:35, KSA/TWN: 20:35