Countdown To The Royal Wedding

Royal weddings used to be private, family occasions that took place outside the public eye. But since the days of Queen Victoria, the Royal Family has increasingly opened its doors to the public. The royal weddings from then on marked crucial moments for Britain, where the world’s perceptions of the monarchy and of the country have been formed. This exclusive documentary reveals the stories behind the meticulous planning of some of the biggest events of the last century. Told by the people who have been at the heart of preparing for these momentous occasions, we are invited behind the scenes and given an insight into what we can look forward to from Prince Harry and Meghan’s big day. And while the world waits to find out the secret details of the forthcoming event, we celebrate a Royal Wedding to which we are all invited…

Thursday 17th May
IND: 18:30, MALTA: 19:00, THAI: 20:00 KSA/TWN: 21:00