Churchill’s Secret

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Set during the Summer of 1953, Churchill’s Secret tells a little-known part of Winston Churchill’s (Michael Gambon – Harry Potter film series) great life story. Having suffered a life-threatening stroke, which his inner circle conspired to hide from the public, the film charts the course of Winston’s remarkable recovery and investigates the strain that his great public service wrought upon his private life. By now in his late 70s, Prime Minister for the second time and with his sights set on achieving peace with the Russians, the “Great War God” Churchill falters at a public dinner. Confused and emotional, he appears to be entering his dotage – if not his demise. But Winston won’t give up. With the help of Millie, a young and surprisingly spirited nurse, and to the bittersweet relief of his loyal wife Clementine, he lives to fight another day on the front line of international politics. His last great battles in his sights: European re-unification and
nuclear disarmament. Churchill’s Secret follows Winston’s extraordinary battle to recover, casting an honest light on the tensions within his brilliant and dysfunctional family.

Monday 29th February
IND: 19.00, MALTA: 18.30, THAI/KSA: 20.30, UAE/TWN: 21.30, MAL: 22.30