Chopping Block (S2)

Top chef Rosemary Shrager and expert baker John Whaite return to put more amateur cooks through their paces in a second series of Chopping Block. Each week three couples head into the competitive cooking school to show off their culinary skills. Here they’re tested on their basic techniques – from whipping up the perfect mash to serving the tastiest chicken -­ and challenged to recreate some of Rosemary and John’s favourite dishes. The pairs range from siblings to friends via co-­workers and couples. Each day they must work together to tackle a trio of culinary tests in a bid to be named ‘Best Cooks’.

Monday – Friday from 19th June
IND: 17.40, MALTA: 19.10, THAI: 19.10, KSA/TWN: 20:10, UAE/MAL: 21.10