The Chase Celebrity Special (S6)

The CelebrityChase, presented by the inimitable Bradley Walsh, where four celebrities take on one of the country’s finest quiz brains in order to win thousands of pounds for their chosen charities. But who will they be facing? Will they have to grapple with The Governess, Anne Hegerty? Could they be in a showdown against The Sinnerman, Paul Sinha? Perhaps they can outfox The Vixen, Jenny Ryan? Are they good enough to decimate The Dark Destroyer, Shaun Wallace or maybe even bring down the biggest of them all, The Beast, Mark Labbett. They think they’re clever enough so, The Chase is on!

Mondays and Tuesdays from 4th September
IND: 17.40, MALTA/THAI: 19.10, KSA/TWN: 20.10, UAE/MAL: 21.10